Facts about Intake Nutrition

Proper nutrition is an essential part of any exercise or training program. To get the most out of your body, you need to supply it with proper amounts of both macro and micronutrients.

Despite what some fad diets make you believe, there are no shortcuts when it comes to nutrition and performance. The fuel you put in your body directly affects your physical and mental output.

Intake Nutrition has you covered, no matter what your health goals are. Their powdered shakes offer so much more than just protein. You also get 100% RDA of six vitamins, complete with a powerful antioxidant blend to heal damaged tissues and cells.

This ensures you’ll quickly recover from your workouts while also protecting against more serious complications, like chronic diseases. I had the pleasure of trying Intake Nutrition. Here’s what you should know about the products and how they can fit into your active lifestyle.

What Are Intake Nutrition Shakes?

Intake Nutrition shakes are advertised as meal replacement shakes. They come in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. One packet contains the following:

  • 180 calories
  • 6 grams of fat from MCT oil powder derived from coconuts (not palm)
  • 16 grams of carbs (10 grams net carbs)
  • 6 grams of fiber from oat fiber
  • 5 grams of sugar per serving
  • 100% RDV of vitamins A, B1. B6, C, D, and E (as well as other micronutrients)
  • 20 grams of protein from egg white protein, whey protein, and pea protein
  • Fruit and vegetable (antioxidant) blend from cranberry, apple, orange, tomato, broccoli, and shitake mushrooms

All products are made in the USA in an FDA registered facility following GMP certification processes. Be wary of any product that is formulated without following these guidelines.

Health Benefits of Intake Nutrition Shakes

Intake Nutrition shakes are a top of the line product They are sourced from approximately 90% organic ingredients. This is important because it limits the amount of pesticides and toxins you’ll be exposed to.

It also ensures that you’re getting the most nutrition from each ingredient. As a result, you will notice that Intake Nutrition shakes do not smell bad (like chemicals) even after you let them sit in a cup for a while.

The formula is very versatile and can be incorporated into several diets, including a vegetarian diet, a low-carb diet, or a “clean” eating, anti-inflammatory diet.

The MCT oil provides healthy, anti-inflammatory fats derived from coconuts that are good for your heart and can help propel you into ketosis (if that’s your goal).

You’re also getting 20 grams of protein per serving from several different sources, including whey, egg, and peas. Limiting your protein intake to one source, such as whey, means that you’ll be missing out on key ingredients from other sources.

The Intake Nutrition formula provides fiber and antioxidants from the peas. You’ll also get a more complete source of amino acids from the whey and eggs. Together, it’s a winning combination.

Oat fiber is a good source of beta-glucans, which have been shown to provide antitumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-obesity, anti-osteoporotic, and immune-boosting activities (1). It also helps keep the net carbs down in this formula, which impacts your blood sugar levels.

Unlike most protein powders, Intake Nutrition powders also provide a good source of several key micronutrients, including the following:

  • 100% RDV of vitamin A
  • 100% RDV of vitamin B1 (thiamin)
  • 100% RDV of vitamin B6
  • 100% RDV of vitamin C
  • 100% RDV of vitamin D
  • 100% RDV of vitamin E
  • 5% RDV of calcium
  • 5% RDV of iron
  • 7% RDV of potassium

Micronutrients are only needed in small amounts, but they play an important role in the body. The blend featured in Intake Nutrition is sourced from organic fruits and vegetables.

B vitamins are best known for their ability to convert food into ATP, which is a source of energy used by your cells (2). This makes Intake Nutrition shakes an ideal supplement to take before working out (or anytime you need energy).

Along with vitamins A, C, and E, which have antioxidant abilities in the body, you’ll also get various polyphenol plant compounds from the fruits and vegetables to help reduce inflammation and combat free radical damage.

Consuming an antioxidant and protein blend after you workout is a great way to recover. The protein will help rebuild and restore muscles while the antioxidants combat damage to help you recover quicker. Overall, you will see better gains and reduced muscle soreness the next day.

Vitamin D has various beneficial roles in the body. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, support immune health, and provide neuromuscular support, which may boost athletic performances (3)(4).

Cocoa isn’t just a tasty addition to your shake. It also contains flavonoid antioxidants that may help fight chronic diseases, such as cancer, stroke, and heart disease (5)(6).

The micronutrient blend provided in Intake Nutrition products is sourced from whole foods and not a synthetic blend. This means that your body will absorb and metabolize them better.

Research shows that antioxidants are better absorbed when they are eaten with dietary fat (7). This means that the MCTs in this formula help you absorb the nutrients from the vegetables and cocoa.

Additionally, as a good source of potassium, Intake Nutrition shakes can help provide electrolyte support after working out to keep you hydrated and replenish what you lost during exercise.

Why is Clean Eating Important?

Eating “clean” refers to eating a diet high in whole, organic foods with minimal preservatives, fillers, added sugars, artificial ingredients, refined grains, and other inflammatory ingredients.

You’ll find many of these harmful ingredients added to processed or packaged foods, such as chips, candy, soda, granola bars, crackers, and even some so-called energy bars and shakes.

When you eat too many of these foods, they contribute to chronic inflammation in the body, which can impact hormone levels and make you more prone to obesity, among other conditions.

Additionally, if you’re working hard in the gym, these foods will negatively impact your performance by inducing inflammation, sabotaging energy levels, and affecting hormones needed to sustain lean muscle.

Intake Nutrition contains no fillers and very few preservatives or stabilizers. It’s also free from sugar alcohols and artificial flavors that most companies put into their products to enhance the taste.

Eating a diet high in “clean” foods can help reverse chronic inflammation that you might not even know you have to boost energy levels and allow you to see better gains at the gym.

What To Expect When You Order From Intake Nutrition

When you order a meal replacement powder bag from Intake Nutrition, your bag will arrive quickly (within two or three days, depending on where you live). The powders come in convenient single serving packets. This makes them easy to travel with.

You can stick one in your gym bag or keep one in your car along with a bottle of water. Intake Nutrition also offers shaker bottles. It’s a good idea to invest in one so that you can prepare a shake anywhere just by adding water.

One bag comes with 10 servings. Consider ordering two bags if you plan on replacing one of your meals with them so that you’re stocked up without having to order again quickly.

How To Use Intake Nutrition Products

Meal replacement powders are a great way to take control of your diet. They are convenient, don’t require much time to make, and can be of great benefit to your health and nutrition goals.

Depending on your caloric needs, you can use Intake Nutrition shakes as a supplement or a meal replacement. Each shake contains 180 calories, which is ideal for dieters. Try using one in place of your current breakfast to reduce daily calories and support your weight loss goals.

For a heartier shake that won’t cause you to feel hungry again shortly after drinking, consider using unsweetened almond or coconut milk as a base. You can add a banana and some avocado for a thicker, sweeter tasting shake. This will provide more calories to help sustain you. 

If you’re using these shakes as a pre workout energy enhancer, keep in mind that the protein might be hard to digest right before exercising. Give yourself about 30 minutes to an hour before working out after drinking. Or save your shake until 30 minutes after your workout to help aid recovery.

These shakes would also be a good option if you’re using them to curb sugar cravings. Many people have cravings when they are not getting enough micronutrients in their diet. Keep a packet on hand the next time you’re considering reaching for a candy bar.

How Do The Shakes Taste?

Most meal replacement powders taste like dirt and have the consistency of chalk. For this reason, many people shy away from them, or they doctor them up with unhealthy ingredients to make them tolerable.

Intake Nutrition meal replacement powders come in two delicious flavors: chocolate and vanilla. While neither taste exactly like a McDonald’s milkshake, the consistency and texture are spot on, and the added stevia provides hints of natural sweetness.

The shakes contain no added sugars or sugar alcohols, and use very few stabilizers. Because of this, you’ll notice that Intake Nutrition shakes taste more like real food and less like chemicals.

Can I Take Intake Nutrition Products If I don’t Exercise?

Yes, you can absolutely use Intake Nutrition if you do not work out. However, if your goal is weight loss, then it’s always best to incorporate physical activity into your health and nutrition plan.

Intake Nutrition shakes are low in calories and contain whole food ingredients. Therefore, you can use them in place of one meal per day (such as breakfast or lunch) to reduce your total calories and lose weight.

You can also use these shakes as one of your “snacks” in between meals to help you stay on track. For example, if your goal is to eat five to six small meals per day, then drink a shake at 10 AM as your morning snack or 3 PM as your afternoon snack.

Will Intake Nutrition Get Me Into Ketosis?

Intake Nutrition products are lower in carbs than most products because they only contain 10 grams of net carbs per serving. They are not necessarily a true keto product. However, this is not a bad thing.

Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts when it comes to good nutrition. You need fat, protein, and carbs in your diet. You just have to be selective about the type of carbs that you’re getting.

Intake Nutrition products are free from inflammatory carbs, such as refined sugars and grains, gluten, soy, and dairy. Their products are not intended to get you into ketosis. However, you can use them as part of your keto diet if you plan your macros accordingly. 

Intake Nutrition products are perfect for your active lifestyle. You’ll be getting proper amounts of macronutrients to support lean muscle mass and athletic performance. You also get the added benefit of antioxidant and vitamin support, which is left out of many other protein shakes.


Meal replacement shakes are a handy tool to have to support your active lifestyle. You can use them in place of your current breakfast or lunch to reduce calories and aid weight loss.

Intake Nutrition products are sourced from whole food, organic ingredients with no fillers. They provide adequate nutrients to support your health, including 20 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat and fiber, and 10 grams of net carbs.

You’ll also get antioxidant support and 100% RDV of six vitamins sourced from fruits, vegetables and cacao, including B vitamins, and vitamins A, C, E, and D. They are ideal for pre-workout energy or post workout recovery, but you can also use them to curb sugar cravings.



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