Welcome to our Intakenutrition website

01. About us

Intake nutrition was brought to life by three friends who (although coming from humble beginnings) have found success in life prior to dreaming up the company.

One is a pre-med student at the top of his class and passionate about health and well-being, while the second is an entrepreneur, avid outdoorsman and fitness enthusiast. The third has over a decade of experience in powdered food products.

These three have always been avid athletes and engrossed in the world of fitness and personal health. After years of trying many products, they wanted to try something different- something healthy and something organic. Coming up empty-handed in this search, they realized that they were a perfect fit to try and make a supplement to fill the needs and address the issues others ignored.

02. Our results

After four years and more than 130 batches, intake nutrition created what they were all looking for. They created the perfect meal replacement that checked off all of their boxes.

  • It’s conveniently package for on-the-go use
  • The ingredients don’t include “fillers“  — it contains a fruit and veggie-based so bloating is eliminated
  • Intake is way less granular than competitors
  • 100% of daily vitamin intake
  • As a little sugar as possible: 006 g of sugar per serving

They successful created a product that uses the best ingredients possible and gets rid of some of the issues of other meal replacements. With its fiber to protein balance, sluggishness is greatly reduced. Without sugar alcohols that some meal replacements use, it eliminates bloating and GI discomfort. It’s a product that is as natural as a powdered meal replacement for candy, and they all personally use it themselves!